Learning How to Use WordPress

By Technomafia - May 26, 2021

Learning How to Use WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging engines on the Internet today. If you are just starting out in online business or if you are trying to reinvent your website, you should definitely consider taking advantage of the numerous WordPress templates that are available on the web. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to using WordPress, too. Because WordPress is very user friendly, even for the beginner to advanced WordPress web designers, there are many options for you to explore.


There are some very obvious pros and cons to WordPress. Although there are some fairly obvious cons, like WordPress being new and probably unstable at the moment, there are also some pretty amazing pros, like being able to use it for all sorts of personal blogs. This is ideal if you have something specific in mind that you want to express, like an opinion piece or a small review on your favorite products or services.

Another proof WordPress sites is that it is easy to install and use. All you need to do is login and search for your WordPress site in the WordPress admin. Once you are in the administrative area, you can then install various plugins that will enable you to further customize and manage your websites. One such plugin called All-in-One-SEO (also referred to as All-in-One SEO) makes the use of keywords in your WordPress site more effective, as well as making the process of creating SEO friendly websites easier.

One disadvantage of WordPress is that it lacks support for the most recent version of the PHP programming language. WordPress relies on a version of PHP that has been released as open source code. This means that WordPress users who are familiar with using and learning the PHP language will not be able to customize WordPress. They will be forced to stick to the pre-compiled PHP source code which can make it a bit complicated for non-programmers to use.

Another pro of WordPress that comes as a con for some people is the fact that WordPress review sites often rate WordPress poorly in terms of user friendliness. WordPress is known for being a very complex website builder and it can be frustrating for people who want to create a simple website. WordPress also lacks in the area of accessibility. Those who are familiar with designing websites will find it a challenge to navigate through the many menus and options of WordPress. This may deter those who have less knowledge in terms of website design from using WordPress.

One of the biggest con of WordPress is that it does not come included with any themes or templates. This means that you will have to either figure out how to customize your website to use the pre-installed WordPress themes or you will have to learn how to build your own theme and customize it. It can take a while to get used to the different layout and options in WordPress. Although there are thousands of themes available, many people still prefer the look and feel of pre-installed WordPress themes. If you decide to get started with WordPress as a hobby instead of a professional project, you will not have this issue to deal with. Learning how to use WordPress skills will take some time but it will be worth the effort for those who want to have websites that look professional.

The final con of WordPress that has to do with learning how to use WordPress skills comes from the fact that it can be quite difficult to understand. Even though WordPress was designed as an open source project, it can still be considered a complicated system. Even those who are technically savvy can sometimes struggle to understand the inner workings of WordPress and how it works. You can eliminate a lot of frustration by taking an experienced WordPress user with you who has been building websites for a long time.

WordPress features two different kinds of websites: a personal blog and a professional blog. Your personal blog is basically a version of your personal website where you can talk about yourself and post pictures and journal articles. A professional blog is where you showcase your skills and your business. There are many plugins available for WordPress sites so that they can be customized in many ways and have different functionalities. In order to have a fully featured WordPress site, you will have to hire a professional web hosting service with a large list of WordPress themes and plugins.

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