Army of the Dead - Day One Review

By Technomafia - May 22, 2021

Army of the Dead - Day One Review

The Walking Dead is one of those rare horror films that manages to combine the frightful aspect of horror fiction with comedy. It tells the story of a group of survivors who get stranded in a remote facility after a nuclear war. The sole survivor of this group is a woman who has taken on a nasty look after getting infected with a deadly virus. Now, as the sole caretaker of the little girl, she has to survive the hordes of zombies and other creatures who have come to take her away. The movie makes for a thrilling, although occasionally ludicrous, outing that works excellently well on the big screen.

Army of the Dead

The late 1990's was a busy period for director George C. Scott who worked on scores of successful films including Clear Water Forged. After the release of his second film, the equally successful Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, he decided to take a different approach to film-making and set about working on a script by Michael Crichton that would star Elizabeth Banks as the little girl in Army of the Dead. Although the film itself is less than successful, it does offer an interesting alternative to the typical horror film. After the nuclear war that destroyed Los Angeles, the remaining survivors have to survive in this new city set in a zombie infested world.

Army of the Dead follows the exploits of an organization known as "The Dead Rabbits", which is made up of five people: Zach (Daryl Hannah), Rose (Lori Singer), Jenny (Thonda Rhymes) and Dave (Mike Epps). The only person of interest among the group is a young girl by the name of Beth (Shawn Ashmore). The movie takes place primarily in Beth's home as she deals with a series of unfortunate events and nightmares that seem to haunt her even when awake. As the movie progresses, we learn more about the dynamics of these five characters and about the origin of their particular band of dead rabbits. By the end of the film, we also learn that the bunny virus that causes zombies has been found within the family of one of the members of this group, necessitating a purification process that must be undertaken in order to save the rest of the group.

Although the plot of Army of the Dead is about as farfetched as a horror movie should be, it certainly is very entertaining and graphically interesting. Zombie movies are not usually very complex or realistic, but Army of the Dead takes the idea and cranks it up several notches. The visual effects are particularly amazing, especially the ones involving the outbreak and the cross infection that rapidly spread across the globe. The acting is below standard, but it is still entertaining. One of the major successes of the film is the use of color and special effects that are much more commonplace in today's films. The special effects are so realistic that one can almost envision the dead rabbits actually being alive.

Unfortunately, the quality of this film is hampered by the fact that it is not widely available in home video formats. It is available on DVD, but the quality is clearly not as high as it could have been. The DVD includes the movie, the original English audio and the English subtitles, but the US version includes the Russian language. In fact, the only way to obtain the Russian version of Army of the Dead is to download it from websites that offer free Russian movies and then burn the DVD into a CD or copy it to a blank CD.

The second part of Army of the Dead is entitled Dawn of the Dead (or Army of the Undead, if you prefer). It follows the same plot as the original movie, with the exception of some minor subplots and continuity errors. Instead of finding a way to stop the undead from rising again, the authorities successfully contain them using a chemical called Dead Clear. The movie premise is that because of this success, a second outbreak of zombie virus is beginning to occur, which causes the current outbreak.

The series begins after a group of scientists are killed during a rogue experiment with an experimental chemical called Dead Clear. The remaining scientists, led by a man known as Zack (oddy poker player), find the formula for Dead Clear and steal it from the local storage facility. The authorities soon discover the existence of a large group of zombies and the local authorities use a ray to cut through the flesh of all but one member of their force (Zack). Although the rest of the group is left alive, Zack's life is almost instantly spared when a shotgun-like device is attached to his back, allowing him to be re-animated and subsequently send into the fray. The local police also discover the existence of a military compound called Site 41 where the remaining zerkids are being held prisoner.

Armed with information about the nature of the virus and a possible escape route, the surviving survivors make their way to the compound where they discover that the facility is overrun by Zombies and infected humans who have been turned into Zombies by the scientists. Armed with a mobile phone, a group of young survivors decide to investigate the Army of the Dead base but are trapped behind a concrete wall which is impenetrable. Armed with a shotgun that jams, an infected college student named Tommy (Eddie Murphy) uses his newly-purchased shotgun to kill a few of the Zombies but is accidentally shot through the head by one of the soldiers. After another Zombie attack, the sole survivor, Pvt. David (Wes Studesville) crawls out of the collapsed building and begins searching for a way out.

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