New Tech: 8 New tech gadgets on amazon

By Technomafia - February 26, 2021

Let's take a look at some of these new tech gadgets. This will definitely blow your mind and you can easily buy all products on Amazon and online.


Audio Headband: -
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If you are a runner, you can use annoying earplugs. It falls and is not ergonomic, but the audio headband for listening and calling music is the future, and it is comfortable to wear. This is all thanks to a soft flexible fabric that stays soft on the skin, so keep it on your head and immerse yourself in a deep bass sound with your favorite songs. It only reduces the sound waves directly to you and has a three-dimensional and rich sound. Your music will become your inspiration. Audio headband display features do not end there. You can also answer phone calls while traveling. Actually the built-in microphone focuses on your voice to avoid any background noise. If any vehicle comes, it will alert you first. This helps keep you safe on the road while riding or walking a bike.

Osmo iPod: -
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The Osmo iPod game system creates a learning environment using a screen. Create screen viewing time using the Osmo iPod game system. This device is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years. Winning awards and turning your tablet into hands-on play. Attach the basic layout of the Osmo game to your iPod and put red glasses on the camera. Your children will be ready to explore more than just a screen presentation. This iPod game comes in four starter kits. Little Genius, Family Genius and Explorer Every Hand. Kids Play Kit includes interactive shapes, numbers, letter markers and more. Where Red Glass recognizes, you can add a pizza shop to a game of espionage from any 16 different games, from Frozen 2 to Index, regardless of what size games they are. Your child will enjoy it so much that they will not realize what he is learning.

Serafim Keyboard: -
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Serafim is the most advanced virtual laser project keyboard and piano. It can open any flat surface on your keyboard or piano. This virtual keyboard supports four different types of languages ​​and special characters. The device have inbuilt power bank with lithium lion battery. You can charge smartphone anywhere. This device was simple for use, just take it and press the power button. Connect keyboard on your phone through Bluetooth. You have to place your mobile phone on the keyboard. Finally you are ready to type, and you do not need to place this keyboard on any particular surface. Because it works on any kind of air surfaces. Serafim comes with its own mobile app and allows you to adjust the brightness of the keyboard and view the current battery percentage. Additionally, the Serafim keyboard have built-in music app to create your music instantly using it. It is usually super lightweight for daily carrying. Take this small and very powerful device with you when you travel just $109 on Amazon.

Bio Lite Headlamp: -
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If you often find that you need a flashlight in the dark. But the Bio Lite Headlamp wearable light can be the answer with no free hands. It has eight lighting modes around your head so that you can adjust the brightness and settings to suit your specific environment. You have the option of dim red or white light as strobe and burst mode. Most importantly, the Bio Light Headlamp 750 has a 3D slim fit construction; So it will be comfortable in your head. You complete tasks with lots of light. Really adjustable clips allow anyone to wear this light. Also, the battery lasts for about 150 hours and when it comes to recharge time, connect it through micro USB port. Adding battery indicator lights will alert you when it is time to recharge.

ViewPoint: -
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The Viewpoint VR 180 Nano is a 4K VR live streaming camera. Even if you are a person it will help in your way Famous Vloger or a new influence. This camera instantly streams your video at 30 fps and 1080p quality. Your family, friends and followers will be impressed by the high quality live streams and videos you create. Yes, you can make something in no time. Also this VR camera works with google vr 180. If you want to load it on your phone, drone, selfie stick or anything. The scene has a built-in battery, which ensures that a full shot lasts at least an hour. If you need more time, plug it into your device via a USB or Lightning port.

Mini Air Purifier: -
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Everyone likes clean air, LG Puri Care Mini Air Purifier distributes it to various locations. Connect with the Bluetooth app and allow yourself to get information about air quality in your home, office, nursery and more. This includes the history of pollution, filter information and ambient air conditions in real time. 99% of the contaminants in this gadget can be detected and removed. This BM1.0 sensor accurately detects air quality with a dual inverter motor. When taken into the air, the total allergen strip filter removes air particles in the air. The compact size of the LG Puricare Mini Air Purify makes it easy to move, and can take up to 8 hours. Alternatively you can only use it for a maximum of 2 hours. It eventually whispers quietly with 30dB of noise, so the rest can be received at the office without disturbing it.

Roccat RGB Keyboard: -
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Roccat RGB Keyboard is an optical RGB gaming keyboard. Mechanical key presses have an efficient response when you press a key. The firmware detects it with zero delay, which helps to play faster. In fact this keyboard is made using air quality standard material which will give you a strong and durable keyboard. It also has a major pressure life cycle of 100 million clicks. It is twice the industrial standard and is convenient to use. The low profile design protects your hands from less fatigue when you play longer. The removed left palm adds another layer of comfort. Finally this gadget game has emo lighting engine to make clear light. This effect works fine in any game and can be easily customized. This keyboard is also available on Amazon.

Omnia Charger: -
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The omnia Charger is a 65-watt portable laptop charger. With this you can charge your USB-C devices very fast and you do not have to have a big charging module. This is because the aukey omnia 65 watt portable laptop charger is half the size. By using potassium nitrate fast charging technology, any USB device can charge it quickly. It also transmits amazing power in a small body. Aukey says; This smartphone charger can get your iPhone 11 from zero to 55 minutes in 30 minutes. When you use only one port on this MacBook charger. You get power up to 65w; However when you use the same port on the iPod charger. You will get a maximum power transfer of 45 watts. Either way it is fantastic and ensures that it does not overheat or overcharge.

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