New products:8 Amazing new gadgets and Inventions in 2021

By Technomafia - February 22, 2021

Technology is constantly evolving and now we have invented an amazing new gadgets which is in the next phase.

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Glouv Lite: -
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Masks have become mandatory worldwide. This means that we all have more masks. Glouv Lite Keep your mask clean ahead of time to design a new product. So you can wear them every day without risk and add harmful bacteria or other contaminants. Glouv Lite is a case of bringing UVC to your mask. It can kill harmful bacteria quickly and easily within minutes. This keeps your mask clean in every application. This allows you to clean between spaces, saving your daily queue life. According to Clu, most people do this to keep their masks in their pockets or even in a zip bag. When not in use They can lead to the spread of bacteria that can make your mask more dangerous when you first remove it. Glove light reduces these bacteria that cleanse your mask. Without washer. The Glouv Lite easily fits in your pocket or wallet and can be recharged. Uses USB cable. Cover your mask with glow light and allow the UVC light to disinfect your mask immediately.

Mich Portable Washer: -
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Having a washing machine in your home is incredibly convenient. If you don't, daily dirty laundry will freeze quickly. Mich Portable Washer is designed to complement your existing washer. Laundry day. Mich Portable Washers are compact and can hold any cupboard in your home. Expand it when you are ready to use; Wash the basin. You can wash several items at once, including a shirt, two pairs of underwear, two baby shirts, eight pairs of boxers, and ten socks. All you have to do is add your clothes, add water and pour in your soap.The rest of do this washer. Keep your clothes still dry, which means you can hang them outside to dry at any time. This small design will help clean your clothes faster than using a standard washer.

Baseus vacuum cleaner: -
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The Baseus Car Vacuum helps you clean up clutter in your car or home quickly. This vacuum will absorb the remaining or leftover food in an instant. This vacuum may be small, but has very strong absorption and is made by aircraft quality. It is built to last a lifetime and is built using a motor that can easily make the hardest mess using only 15 volts. Vacuum can be recharged, so you should not worry about wiring or other wiring hanging. The trunk between trunk seats and more can clean your headliner line quickly and efficiently. Press the power button to open the vacuum using a simple device and you are ready to clean. When you are done, remove the dust storage box and throw it in the trash. If the dirt is dirty then it is very good to clean because it is made of steel. Mix it in lukewarm soap and water and you will be ready to clean again in no time. You can plug it in and charge in a few hours to get ready for your next job.

Catson: -
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This awesome tool eliminates the need to clean your cat's litter bin again. Catson is a new type of automatic cat box. Clean your cat's litter carefully whenever you use the bathroom. Complex sensors are built into the series device. This allows you to see if the cat is inside, and it will remove any contaminants as soon as the cat leaves the box; Trays are easy to remove, so you can throw your cat's remains in the trash without touching them. The more interesting thing about this waste is that it cleans the waste with UVC light. The contents of the box will always be clean and tidy. Insert it and let the technology work for you.


This incredible device can use any room in your home or office other than Ice Cube. Geizeer  is designed as a small cooling device. You can take it anywhere. The refrigerator is divided into a top and a bottom. It is easy to remove anything but magnets. A fan is located at the bottom with an ice cube at the top of the unit. Remove the ice cube and keep it in your freezer for a few hours. Once the pack has cooled you can insert it under a cesarean and run on this device for several hours. Can be operated free of charge or without the use of a USB charging cable.Also you can be used it as a power bank. One of the interesting features about the eyes is the ability to use perfume that allows you to add perfume to any room that you want. When cooled together. Fits exactly above the ice pack. Trigger them by falling or you can also throw, use the rest of the air as an air freshener for your wardrobe or car.

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With Glamos you can open any surface on the touch screen, including a small device. You can add clamos to any home appliance. It connects to Bluetooth for wireless operation. You can set it up with a projector and computer to allow your kid's to play games on a big screen. Keep them off your phone or tablet or help them get some exercise. It can be used for presentations and swipes between slides giving full screen control. Load anywhere near the screen and make hand gestures. Consider when you are ready to swipe. The device is completely small and you can take it to a coffee shop and use it for reading. Glamos' proprietary design allows you to take complete control while you drink and relax. Bring new life to old technology on any device in your home. You can still connect to an old laptop. Then load it on the monitor. The device will be smart and your touchscreen input gestures will take your old laptop into the modern era of technology. Klamos has a lot to do, and it is available today.

Tile pro: -
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The Tile Pro is a device that has been around for a few years, but is still very popular today. A tile can be attached to any of your favorite features. This makes it easier to see in the future. It may be attached to a grating or adhesive pad. So you always know where your valuables are. If you c'not find an item you will not be placed. You can ping the tile and make a sound. Sound will help you find the missing product easily. No targeted searches throughout the house. You know where your item is in seconds. Tile also provides GPS support so you see your missing items on the map in real time. The best feature is that you d'not need to charge or interfere with the devices in any way. Powered by a cr2032 battery, which only needs to be replaced once a year. Then you set it and forget about it. Tiles can be found on Amazon for around thirty five dollars.

Kcomb Pet Hair Removal: -
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Every pet wants to keep their pets as happy and healthy as possible. Proper repair is important for labor. So Kcomb will help you to check your pets hair.It is one of the easiest to use pet combs on the market, and it will protect your pet from shattering for as many days as possible. The comb is electronic, so when you comb your pet's hair it will absorb and propagate all the hair. Turn the device on by gently pressing the power button. The motor is spinning ie the brush is ready for use. Brush your pet hair as you have seen without hair loss or formation. All hair dirt accumulates inside the unit head. So easy to show later. It can be with a brush Up to $ 55 can be purchased on Kickstarter.

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